Things to Do in Tulsa: Unveiling the Best Tulsa Experiences in 2024


Tulsa, Oklahoma–commonly dubbed the “Oil Capital of the World“–is an engaging city filled with history and exciting attractions to experience. From stunning Art Deco architecture and parks to world-class museums to outdoor adventures, there are countless things to do in Tulsa. Tulsa provides something special for every interest. Here, we outline all of Tulsa most known for spots, ensuring your visit to T-Town will be nothing less than extraordinary!

1. Dive Deeper into History at Tulsa Historical Society and Museum

Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, Knowledge Things to do in Tulsa
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Are You Exploring Tulsa or Oklahoma History? A visit to the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum is essential if you wish to do so! The museum is located within Travis Mansion’s elegant Italianate Revival architecture and showcases an immense collection of artifacts, images, and exhibits. It highlights what Tulsa is most known for, providing insights into various aspects of local history – spanning its origins through the oil boom to Tulsa Race Massacre events – offering visitors a comprehensive perspective into Tulsa’s past, present, and future. Visitors will experience all three timelines at once!

2. Discover the Wonders of Flight at Tulsa Air and Space Museum

Tulsa Air and Space Museum
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Tulsa Air and Space Museum is an intriguing destination for aviation fans and history lovers. Tulsa most known for its vibrant aviation heritage, invites you to step into an immersive world of vintage aircraft, artifacts, and interactive exhibits that highlight Oklahoma’s rich aerospace legacy. Step inside one of Oklahoma’s vast hangars, where an expansive collection spanning the development of American aviation from smoke-filled balloons through WWII jets up until modern planes are housed – including the cockpit of an F-14 Tomcat fighter plane, flight simulators, as well as a state-of-the-art planetarium!

3. Experience the Magic of Performing Arts at Tulsa Performing Arts Center

Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Art Things to do in Tulsa
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Tulsa Performing Arts Center provides unforgettable entertainment and is one of the fantastic things to do in Tulsa. This state-of-the-art venue features four theaters and an art gallery to offer performances to suit every taste, such as ballet, musicals, opera productions, or concerts – perfect if you love ballet, musicals, opera, and concerts! Chapman Music Hall provides the ideal setting for orchestra performances, opera productions, or Broadway shows; join Tulsa’s vibrant arts and cultural scene by attending performances or exploring art pieces adorning grand halls or lobbies within Tulsa’s TPAC’s great halls or lobbies!

4. Navigating Historic Route 66Tulsa Route 66

Tulsa boasts numerous historic sights related to Route 66, making it an ideal travel destination. Take a drive along its segment in Tulsa and be transported back in time as you admire Art Deco architecture, experience atmospheric roadside inns, vintage signs, statues, and old service stations that line this historic highway – once known as “Main Street of America” or the “Mother Road,” Route 66 played an invaluable part of Tulsa history – discover landmarks dating back to its glory days while taking in all that this iconic route offers today!

5. Gaze upon the Golden Driller with AdmirationTulsa's Golden Driller stands 75 feet tall

Tulsa’s Golden Driller, standing at an impressive 75 feet tall, is one of its iconic roadside attractions and stands out along Route 66 southbound. Tulsa most known for its oil heritage, proudly showcases this magnificent statue crafted entirely in gold. The statue depicts an oil driller, one hand confidently resting atop an oil derrick, symbolizing Tulsa as the World’s Oil Capital and making an indelible mark as an ‘Oil Capital.’ Take a moment to experience and capture this striking symbol before continuing your tour around Tulsa!

6. Celebrate the Beauty of Tulsa Botanic Gardens

Tulsa Botanic Gardens
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Escape the bustle and chaos of city living and discover peace at Tulsa Botanic Garden – located just northwest of Tulsa on its northwest outskirts – an oasis of natural beauty! Wander through picturesque paths, take pleasure in its tranquil pools and lakefront promenade, and marvel at its colorful array of plants, flowers, trees, and shrubs – including African Plains, Lost Kingdom, and Tropical Rainforest sections- each offering their unique experience!

The garden also includes themed areas like African Plains, Lost Kingdom, and Tropical Rainforest, which all promise something different. When looking for things to do in Tulsa, be sure to visit Tulsa Botanic Garden’s stunning floral terrace, featuring over 120,000 spring bulbs annually! From spring, when daffodils and tulips dance in the breeze, to autumn’s pumpkins and scarecrow decorating the garden – Tulsa Botanic Garden provides an experience that delights both eyes and senses!

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7. Experience the Vibrant Energy of the Blue Dome District

Blue Dome District, Here Many Things to do in Tulsa
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Blue Dome District provides an energetic and vibrant experience in downtown Tulsa. Boasting nine blocks filled with lively eateries, pubs, boutique shops, and nightlife venues, visitors looking for excitement should look no further! The Blue Dome serves as this district’s signature landmark and is its focal point. Immerse yourself in Tulsa’s nightlife scene, where local bands rock out onstage while inventive cocktails flow freely! Explore German cuisine at Fassler Hall, indulge in exquisite entrees at Juniper Restaurant & Martini Lounge, or treat yourself to an indulging rooftop margarita at El Guapo’s Mexican Cantina; all are options in Blue Dome District’s variety of dining experiences and entertainment activities.

8. Experience an Exhilarating Game at ONEOK Field

Game at ONEOK Field, Baseball Playing things to do in Tulsa
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Sports fans won’t want to miss an opportunity to visit ONEOK Field. Set just north of Blue Dome District, this Art Deco-style ballpark hosts Tulsa Drillers of Los Angeles Dodgers Double-A affiliate Tulsa Drillers; enjoy top-of-the-line facilities while experiencing an intimate atmosphere at this minor league stadium! Cheer your team while they play exciting baseball! Take incredible views from both the pitch side and the city skyline as you savor this beloved sporting venue’s electric atmosphere!

9. Unravel the Mysteries of the Center of the Universe

Man Standing at Tulsa's Center of the Universe
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Experience an astonishing auditory phenomenon when you explore Tulsa’s Center of the Universe acoustic anomaly, one of the intriguing things to do in Tulsa. Located atop a pedestrian bridge north of Williams Center Tower, stand on its center and speak aloud; your voice echoes back louder than anticipated! Even those outside hear only an unexplainable buzz; let your curiosity take you there and immerse yourself in its magical allure!

10. Get Entertained at the BOK Center

Tulsa's BOK Center
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Attracting world-class entertainment in an exquisite architectural setting, Tulsa’s BOK Center provides world-class entertainment. Situated downtown Tulsa and offering sporting events, concerts, shows, and shows of all types, you will marvel at its blend of Native American and Art Deco design elements on its exterior; step inside to find its light-filled lobby and spacious arena, which has hosted some of entertainment industry’s biggest names from Billy Joel to U2. Providing unforgettable memories to its patrons is its goal and will leave everyone impressed!

11. Get to Know Woody Guthrie

Woody Guthrie Center
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Discover Woody Guthrie’s legendary musical legacy at Tulsa Arts District’s Woody Guthrie Center. This captivating museum honors one of America’s most influential folk singers by providing a comprehensive view into his life and work, such as exhibits featuring Guthrie’s original artworks, instruments, manuscripts, and insights into American society through biographical film screenings of his remarkable journey – plus, timeless songs can be heard played from Guthrie himself! A treasure for music enthusiasts everywhere and a testament to Guthrie’s timeless legacy that endures centuries later! Don’t miss visiting Tulsa Arts District when exploring things to do in Tulsa; make sure to visit Woody Guthrie Center as soon as you arrive!

12. Explore Wildlife Wonders at Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo
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Visit Mohawk Park’s Tulsa Zoo for an adventuresome and fascinating family fun day at Mohawk Park’s expansive Tulsa Zoo! Home to over 1,500 species encompassing more than 450, the African Plains, Lost Kingdom, and Tropical Rainforest sections offer everything from majestic elephants and playful penguins to fearsome tigers and adorable Arctic Foxes! Take the Safari Train or get up close and personal in its Children’s Zoo; don’t miss its underwater viewing station, Helmerich Sea Lion Cove, where playful sea lions can be watched in their native habitat!


Tulsa, Oklahoma, offers visitors of all ages and interests many attractions and things to do in Tulsa for unforgettable journeys. Explore Tulsa’s rich history at the Tulsa Historical Society and Museum, explore flight in wonder at Tulsa Air and Space Museum, or enjoy a show at Tulsa Performing Arts Center – you are sure to be charmed by this city’s dynamic energy and cultural offerings such as Botanic Garden’s scenic beauty or Blue Dome District bustles; experience unforgettable journeys here and discover why Tulsa has earned its nickname as Oklahoma’s Jewel!

Until next time, keep wandering and wondering!

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